CMS 1.8.11 Docker Install

The Installation and Post-Installation Setup Guide mention uploading media to the Library and making sure it saved. But it doesn’t mention what to do if it doesn’t save. I followed the instructions to the letter and it seems to work fine other than every time I stop and start the CMS I lose everything.

Install Steps Taken (Server Specs Windows 10 Enterprise 1803)

  1. I installed Docker for Windows.
  2. I shared the drive that I used to install Xibo CMS
  3. I downloaded and extracted the Xibo Docker archive.
  4. Created a copy and edited config.env
  5. I didn’t change any ports. I’m not using Remote MySQL
  6. I’m not using SLL it will be local access only.
  7. Ran docker-compose up -d from the extracted archive folder.
  8. Logged on to CMS at http://localhost and changed the password.
  9. Configured the XMR public address.
  10. Uploaded a .jpg to the Library
  11. Stopped and started the server and the password was reset to the default again my .jpg was gone and the XMR was no longer set.

Please help.

What do you mean by “stopped and started the server”?

Do you mean you issued docker-compose stop then docker-compose start? Or did you reboot the physical machine?

If your jpeg isn’t inside shared/cms/library then the C: drive on your server isn’t shared properly in the Docker settings. Unshare it, and then reshare it again, ensuring you give it valid credentials.

If that still doesn’t work, reset Docker completely (also in the Docker settings) and then share the drive again, before bringing the containers up.

Hi Alex

I got it working. I’m not sure why it didn’t work the first time because I followed the order of the instructions.
But it’s working now that I reset Docker and reinstalled the containers. Thanks for the help.