CMS 1.8.1 Content will not be downloaded by Windows Player


i have configured a windows player but it does not download any content.
Do you have any ideas?

It seems that your client has issues downloading content from the CMS, could you please:

Make sure your PC has internet access and can reach the CMS.
Navigate to Display settings page -> edit display profile assigned to your device, make sure the download window is set to 00:00 and 00:00 then save
Navigate to Displays page -> edit your display and save
If there is any firewall/anti-virus installed on this PC, make sure it’s not blocking connection between player and CMS.
Navigate to Modules page and click verify all

Restart your player and see if it will start downloading files.

Thank you for your answer.
Server and player are in the intern network. I can ping the server with the cmd and in the second picture you can see that xmr is connected. Does not that mean i can reach the cms? Or how can i check how i reach the cms?
The other options i can check next week.
We have a apache on the virtual machine with docker installed with so that we can use a self signed certificate to use https. Could be that a problem?

I have checked all these options and they are all correct. So i think its something with the self signed certificate?

The self-signed certificate will only work if the computer trusts it. If you open the CMS webpage in Internet Explorer and are prompted that the site is insecure, then the Player won’t connect to it.

You would need to import the self-signed cert CA in to the Windows CA store so that it trusts it as if it were a proper SSL certificate.

ok i imported it with a double click and “certificate install” lets wait if something happen… Or is there another way how i need to install it?

It depends where that installs it to. I’ve not done it in a while now as proper SSL certs are so much more available these days.

If you open Internet Explorer on the Player, can you access the CMS web interface without being shown an SSL warning? If you can, then the Player should work.

Hm thats crazy. I can open the web interface without a warning on IE11 but will not download the layout.
In the timetable i set a event with play always a layout on this player. And yes the layout is attached to the display. In “Displays” the player has always the status “X”.
If i attach a new picture to the display i can see in “i” that the display got it in the required files box but it is always at 0%. What am i doing wrong? That mean client and server can speak, right?

What does the Player information screen show in the messages shown in the bottom half (press i to bring it up). A screenshot might be a good idea.

Also ensure you’ve cleared the CMS-side cache by editing the display in the CMS, and saving, without making any changes.

Okay i cleared the CMS side cache.

I cant do a better screenshot but it should be all clear to read.

Is the date and time correct on the CMS and the Player? Can you try without SSL to rule that out?

The status shows lots of the files as partially downloaded. Perhaps you need to give it longer to complete?

Yes the date and time is correct on the player. And without SSL i can try tomorrow.
Here is a picture of the weboverview.

I think without SSL is a good test.

You can see in the CMS there the amout of data that has been downloaded for each file since the cache reset, and in all the ones I can see, they are 0.

It may be there’s something in the reverse proxy config that’s wrong, or it may be SSL related. Without seeing the logs on both it’s hard to say I’m afraid.

And if i show you the logs or configurations files in a pm? If yes, which files exactly? If no i try it tomorrow without ssl and then i will report the results here.
I am wondering why the layout is to 79,4% downloaded since 20 minutes.

Is the download percentage going up?

If so, then it looks like the connection is slow somewhere making the download take time.

Try without SSL first. If that doesn’t work, then we can start looking at logs potentially.

I hope that I am not inserting a red herring or derailing the thread but I am running into a similar issue. My client is synching to the CMS just fine by DNS name however looking in my requiredFiles.xml it is referencing “http://localhost:8081/xibo/xmds.php?file=”. Did we miss setting a directive somewhere?

Did you set the CMS name in config.env?

Also, does your reverse proxy include the ProxyPreserveHost directive?

ProxyPreserveHost was the issue for me in particular. Thanks!

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It’ll be missing ProxyPreserveHost On from your reverse proxy then I would think. There’s an example of what is required in the manual for an Apache reverse proxy. If you’re using something else, you need to ensure the host header is passed through from the request to the backend.

@klausf11 you might want to check you have that in your reverse proxy configuration too.

Required Files is cached, so to test that adding that solves this for you, you’d need to make a schedule change, or a change to a scheduled layout, or edit each display, and save, making no changes, to clear the cache.

Without HTTP it works and it can download and display the layouts