Client Won't Scroll Down

We are a library and have multiple PCs (/w touch screen monitors) running Xibo Client; each client is set up to access our online catalog. We know this setup isn’t exactly what Xibo was intended for, but, for the most part, it works really well. I am having a frustrating quirk with one, though.

On one of these clients, regardless of page length, users cannot scroll past what’s presented to them on the initial page. I’ve done enough troubleshooting to determine that the problem is in the relationship between the OS (all these PCs have Windows 8.1) and the Xibo Client. I’ve tried multiple iterations of the client, even ones that work properly on the other PCs, but to no avail. Other things that haven’t worked: setting the PC up as a new display, trying other layouts, doing a clean install of the OS and trying older versions of the client.

Outside of Xibo, scrolling works normally. I’m able to perform this task without error when browsing the catalog in a web browser. We use Xibo on these machines in a kiosk-fashion; we only want our users to access our catalog on these and a couple of other things.

Any help would be appreciate. Thanks.

I believe I figured it out.

I determined, after much troubleshooting, that the problem directly related to the client. I decided to try changing the client’s unique idea. Some of these PCs have been re-imaged and added to Xibo with the same identifier. This yielded positive results. It has been scrolling ever since I made the change. Woo!

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