Client-settings 1.7.6

Dear all,

where can I find the client-settings such as Collection interval, etc. to adjust in client-version 1.7.6? In the XIBO Client Options of 1.7.6 I can see only two riders (connect and advanced), in version 1.7.5. there was five tab’s (General, register, proxy, apparance, Advance).

Greatings, joesch

I think you could setup those in CMS after the screen is registered.

Thank you for your hint. My screen is registered in the CMS.


I use Windows 10 on the client, may be the reason? For testing I now have installed the client 1.7.5 . It show’s the same problem (that I did not have under windows 7).

I use 1.7.6 on Win 7, also only got two tabs in the setting like you mentioned. However, configure collection interval in CMS > Displays > Display Setting work for me so far.

PS: would also like to know why I got only two tabs as well :sweat_smile:

Configuration is centralised in 1.7 series in order to make configuring common settings easier. You set up for Display Settings Profile (CMS -> Display Settings -> Windows Profile -> Edit) and that is automatically applied once the player is connected.

That was it - many thanks !