Client Register Error in Register: null


Android devices:
V1.7 r57
CMS 1.75

Been noticing xibo very “flaky”, seems we can’t go a week without having to reboot a box or otherwise. On 2 boxes the logs are riddled with:

Client Register Error in Register: null

…i’m assuming because of this, the boxes are not updating content the content, once I reboot it gets the correct content. If the device loses connection to the server for some reason or another, can xibo not reconnect? or fix itself.

Im not sure what the issue is

This error means that you player couldn’t connect to your CMS Instance, which is not necessary a problem, as long as it doesn’t happen too often.

Your client will make another attempt next collection interval, if it fails it will try again.

You can adjust the collection interval on the display settings page → edit display profile assigned to your device.