Client installed but doesnt show in the display settings

Version 1.7.9

I have installed the client on 6 PC’s driving some screens it is showing content on all of them but i only see the PC name for one of the screens in the display.

If i change the content on that PC all the other PC’s show the updated content i am not able to control them individually?

They are pulling content from a Windows 2012 server running iis i haven’t come across this issue before it is probably just a setting i have mised but i would like some guidene of what i should be looking at please.


Most likely all players have the same hardware key (Display ID in Xibo for Windows player options -> Advanced tab), you will want to adjust them to make sure each display has unique key there, then they will be seen as a separate displays in CMS.

It is explained here - I added a new Player and it went straight to "Display is active and ready to start"? I'm using an imaged/cloned version of Windows and all my Players show up as the same display in the Xibo CMS?