Client found response content type of 'text/html', but expected 'text/xml'

When I try to connect the client to the server I get the following message:

I am running the server and client at 1.8.2 (Docker on Windows 10).

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If you press the “Display Admin” button, does it open the CMS login page correctly?

How have you setup the name “xibo” to direct to your server? (ie are you running a DNS server, or have you added static hosts file entries on the Players etc)

Yes, the “Display Admin” button does open the CMS login page correctly.

There is a dynamic DNS entry that directs “xibo” to the IP address of the server, and the IP address is correct.

Is there a key in the Display ID field on the Advanced tab?

Yes, I also tried changing it to “Touchscreen”, but same result.

Please put the CMS in debug mode then, and see if anything is logged CMS side.

I figured out what was causing it. I undid the changes I made to apply this workaround, and now it works again: Can I use an uploaded .css file that will essentially affect all of my added regions?