Client Content CACHE for offline playing (Windows)?


I was hoping someone might be able to give me some guidance - we use Xibo on campus for our signs which has been great. I was asked if it was possible to take a sign to a remote location (career fair) for which it would be offline for about a week. What would I need to do to make this work right? I was reading something about the Android client caching content, but wasn’t sure about the Windows client. I’m also not sure what setting I need to change to make it work. Also as a side thought will powering it on/off multiple times during the period it would be away (probably on in the morning, off at night) from the network would become an issue?

Any tips would be appreciated!

Windows client will cache the content as well (in it’s local library).

Your best bet would be to schedule whatever layouts you want it to display (or just the default layout if that’s the case).
Once your player will download all required media files and schedule (if necessary) it will be able to play it offline.

Of course without connection to the CMS any changes made after it’s offline won’t take an effect. Websites, embedded content will also not work since it’s not cached on the player.

If it will be offline for an extended period of time and you’d need to schedule your layouts more in advance, you might consider increasing the ‘Send files in advance?’ (CMS -> Settings -> General tab).

You can perform a test in your office before you go camping ie make sure player download all required content and disable the internet connection.

On/off with or without internet connection shouldn’t cause issues.

Ok cool. I figured (obviously) anything not fully stored on the local sign system wouldn’t get shown (ie: anything that requires internet access).

Is there any kind of a timeout that might cause it to not play its locally cached data (assuming there is no schedule and everything is displayed via the default template for that display)?

Also, I know it wouldn’t pull data from RSS feeds (unless I had a web server locally on that computer and had the feed set to localhost), but if I have content in DataSets - it will cache that, correct? (since it seems to during normal operation and only updates every X minutes based upon the schedule) But, if it will cache it, will it continue to use it beyond the normal DataSet update period of not on the network? (just want to make sure so I don’t waste time setting a bunch of data in a dataset specifically for a given conference)

The Player should continue to use cached data for datasets and RSS feeds. As long as the Player was fully up to date when it loses connection to the CMS, it should have what it needs.