Clearing stats on server

So we found a script online to clear the log files down , but was wondering if there was one to clear down the sdisplay stats as its currently about 70gb on our server and we want the space back.

You can clear the display stats from MySQL as follows:

truncate stat;
optimize table stat;

If that doesn’t free the space, then likely your MySQL server isn’t configured for one file per table mode for innodb databases. In that case, you’ll need to dump all your MySQL databases to a file, delete the MySQL data files (ibdata1), and then reload from your dump. There’s lots of good articles that cover that process in detail out there.

You’ll want to disable stats collection then too I’d imagine (they’re disabled by default), and I’d suggest configuring the maintenance script to run periodically (or XTR if you’re running Xibo 1.8 series), as it’s job is to keep the log and stat tables trimmed per your configured limits.