Choosing the theme


First of all, congratulations for xibo. I a discovering it and it’s really great!

I would like to play a bit with the themes creation. I’ve read the documentation and I’ve followed the example. I have a simple question : when I want to choose the new theme, do I have to write the path or just the name? Because I’ve tried both and when I refresh the page I get an error and can’t access xibo anymore.

Second question : which table of the database is the one for the values corresponding to the theme?

Thanks in advance.

Assuming everything is in the correct place as described here

Then you should be able to switch themes in CMS Settings.

As for changing it directly in db, please see below:

UPDATE `setting` SET `value` = 'THEME_NAME', userSee = 0 WHERE `setting` = 'GLOBAL_THEME_NAME' ;

Thanks for your quick reply.

I’ve created the custom folder under theme then a template with a specific name inside of the custom folder and a views inside my custom template folder. Then I’ve created a config.php file with the same informations as in the documentation but with a different theme name. The rest is the same. You said in the documentation that at this moment I should be able to choose the theme but how? Is there a dropdown menu? or must I write the name? Because in my case there was just default (no menu…).

Thanks a lot for the database. I know it was written in the CMS (GLOBAL_THEME_NAME) but I couldn’t access xibo anymore.

Also another question: the new image should also be called xibologo.png? (I mean I want to change the logo with another image).

I use xibo 1.7.9 if it’s important…

Ok I’ve installed xibo 1.8.2 with dockers and I see now what you mean. In 1.8.2 I have the themes in a menu. Is it possible to get the same in 1.7.9?

I believe that in 1.7 series you’d need to run the sql command (the one in my previous post with your theme name as value) to set the custom theme.

ie have your custom theme with config etc in /theme/{themeName} folder (the default and compact are there already)
and run the sql query.

That being said, if you already also have 1.8.2 with docker, perhaps you could use that instead as it’s the newest version?

My goal is to use the newest version. I began with 1.7.9 because the installation is easier and I wanted to try your system. I’m also installing 1.8.2 without docker. That’s why I am currently on 1.7.9. But thanks!