Charset problems in mails


I have some problems with the text in our mails. I use Xibo in french and all the accents in the mails are translated to unreadable characters.

For example the text “Récupération pour l’afficheur Étoile” appears correctly in the CMS notification center but reads “Récupération pour l’afficheur Étoile” in mails.

Can you help me correct this please ? Where should I change the charset settings ?

(Edit 1: We use Outlook mail clients at work and our mails are on O365 if it can help you)
(Edit2 : I use Xibo Docker on an Ubuntu 16.04 Linux)

Thanks a lot!

That seems to be a bug, the subject of the email does not get the proper charSet and encoding, which then results in the incorrect subject text if there any ‘special’ characters i it.

I’ve created an issue for it here -
There is also already a commit that fixes it in there, it will be added in the next release.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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