Change Xibo Client Configuration XML Location


First off, Xibo is an amazing product, and I want to thank you for providing such great support in this community.

I support a large fleet of unattended devices, that run Xibo on a secondary top monitor. The solution works great, however the CMS and clients have been running on 1.6.0 since it came out, and an upgrade is way overdue. Because of the size of the fleet (1000+), doing an uninstall and reinstall of the new client on each device is not my first approach. I have been able to install the client and set configuration on one device, and then copy the xibo folder and create a deployment package to send to the other devices. I have written a VBscript to modify the configuration file, and use the computer names as the device name and the last part of the hardware key so that every device is unique.

This is all working great, however one issue I have is there are multiple user accounts on the computer that runs Xibo, and at a minimum, two user accounts are used on a daily bases. The old 1.6 client had the configuration file in the same directory as all the other xibo files, but on the new 1.7.9 client, it places the configuration file in C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data\Xiboconfig.xml. I am having to place a copy of the configuration in every user account app data folder, and I don’t see a way to point the application to look at say C:\xibo\xiboconfig.xml instead.

Hopefully my rambling has been clear. If there is a way to no have the configuration files in the user\app data folders, then I would really like to know how. That way, not matter what user account logs in, xibo knows its settings.

Thanks again for the amazing product and support you provide.


The location of the configuration file is fixed. You can’t choose where it goes.

You could override the defaults for the application (which do live in the install directory) and then if the Player isn’t configured in the users account, it will get the defaults applied, but note that’s a one-way street. ie changing the defaults won’t override the configuration once it’s been used on a user account.

It would be much simpler to have a working config file somewhere, and a bat script or something that runs on user login that copies that file to the right place for you.

Thanks for the reply @alex, I was afraid this was the case.

I will just need to document clearly that every time we want to make a change to the config file, we have to do so in every user account using it. I will also keep the default config file up to date, in case a new user account it used. The biggest issue is that when a config isn’t found, and the default is used, the app runs on the bottom monitor and stops users from interacting. However, you have given me a way to prevent that, so thank you very much for that information.

I have been using and supporting Xibo for about 5 years now on upwards of 12,000 devices at one point. The application is great, and this community is a big help! I will try to make more time to contribute to the community.

Thanks again, have a great day.