Change Layout using a door sensor

Hello there, completely new to Xibo, but I have a project I would like to implement events for. I would like to run Xibo on something like a Raspberry Pi or Odroid with GPIO. What I want to do is have the screen cycle through some schedule and other stuff as well as a “welcome” screen. However, I want to put a sensor on the door to have it reset to the welcome screen any time the door is opened. It would be interesting to implement this through the GPIO or I2C, however I could also use a uConn simulating a USB mouse click if necessary. would this be possible with Xibo?

I’ve moved this to a new topic for you as this relates to an existing feature rather than a new one.

You can do what you want with Xibo 1.8, a device to run the door sensor on and a little coding knowledge. Xibo 1.8 has an API which can be used to change a layout. This API call sends a push message to the Player telling it that it should play the provided layout immediately and then revert to its schedule. When the door sensor is triggered, you’d make that API call.

You can and you can’t do this with GPIO/I2C - the Xibo Player doesn’t interact with the door sense at all, this is not the way Xibo works. However you could write your “helper” application so that it could be installed on the same device as the Xibo Player application - and your “helper” application can use whatever technology it wants to connect to the sensor - provided it is capable of sending http to the CMS API.

Thank you for the response, Ill look into this option.

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Just FYI: There is currently no Xibo player for Linux and the 1.8 Android player is still being developed. So your Raspberry Pi/ODROID options are limited right now, within a few months I’m sure this will be possible.

We have a 1.8 Xibo for Android beta available by request