Change layout duration

I installed Xibo 1.8.1, and I’ve created a new layout, but I can not modify the layout duration. How should i do it?

The time is calculated automatically. It results from the region with the longest running time.


I wanted to modify the duration and read the reply regarding time is calculated automatically based on the results from the region with the longest time. Is there any way to change this or manipulate this? How is this time calculated? I have two layouts which I set up a campaign for and then put them on a schedule to see them rotate but I would like to be able to have control over the speed at which it rotates out to the next layout.
Layout 1 has 4 regions with no duration’s set except 1 region has 2 scrolling text messages with different speeds and duration’s set with. The total duration speed for this layout is 28 seconds.
Layout 2 has 2 regions with no duration set but 1 region is a scrolling text message with just the speed set. This total duration for the layout is 1:00 minute.
How is it possible for Layout 2 which has only a scrolling text speed of only 5 (no duration set) be 1:00 and Layout 1 have 2 different scrolling texts with one being a speed up 5 and duration 12 and the other being a speed of 6 with a duration of 16 and that layout is only 28 seconds?

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