Change default library location

I am wondering if there is anyway I can change the default library location.
currently it stores at C:\home\Xibo\library for which on Xibo configuration panel is “/home/Xibo/library”

I would like to have this point to my D drive that has enough storage space and also gets backed up.

I have tried by creating the D drive shortcut and place it into the default directory and point the Xibo configuration to the same but it ends up creating a new folder in the library with the same name.

Anyone know how to change this??


Move or Copy your existing library folder over, then change the configuration to point to it.

So for example, make

d:\Xibo\Library and copy the contents of c:\home\Xibo\Library in to it

Then change the library location in the CMS settings to d:\Xibo\Library

Hi Dan,

I tried doing the same as mentioned in your post, but the path is not changing from C:\Xibo\library( existing path) to the new path " E:\Xibo\library.

When I click on save, the settings is not getting updated. Is there an option to make this changes in the configuration file at the backend for Library_Location.

Got the answer on my own, permission issue. Thanks Dan. This tool is amazing.