Cascade permissions don't seem to go down to widgets

Hi !

I’m new to Xibo and I’m having an issue with cascade permissions (I’m on 2.1.0).
I’d like that every user from a user group could edit any other group member’s layout as if it was its own, so I set “group delete” as default for the layouts in settings.
With this set up, users inside a group can do quite everything they want with the layouts, except deleting a media.
Editing the layout permissions and tick the “cascade permissions” option doesn’t change anything.
The only way it works is with assigning permissions on the widget itself.

Is that meant to be that way ?

Thanks by advance.


I’m not 100% up to date on how permissions work in 2.0+ yet, but I have accomplished this in earlier versions (and in tests of 2.0) by setting all members of a group as a Group Administrator and just hiding the navigation items I didn’t want them to access. This way everyone has equal access to things in the group. This was the only way I could figure to make this work prior to 2.0 so there may be a more recommended way now.

Thanks @kmarq4ever for your answer.
That’s indeed what I did in my case for 1 user, but it’s not a long term solution as not all the group members will have the same privileges enventually. I will then have to switch back default permissions to “group read”.
The ideal way would be for users to grant access rights to their layouts on a case-by-case basis.
Cascade Layout permissions almost do the trick…just this little widget permissions issue.