Can't play embedded Sway presentations on Windows Player

Hi there.

I’m using Xibo since one year now and it works great. Now I’m trying a new tool called Sway, by Microsoft. The bad thing is I can only display the slide inside Xibo CMS. When I open that same slide with Xibo Player, all I get is a black screen. Do you have any idea on what’s going on?

How are you adding it in Xibo?

I believe it should work either as embedded html or if it’s shared publicly (ie the embed code / visual link as they call it) -

Could you also confirm which player version are you using please?

I’m not familiar with Sway I’m afraid, as such I’m not sure how exactly does it share the presentation and if you need to have that installed on the PC with Xibo player or not.

Hi. I found out it’s actually a proxy problem.