Cant get image from RSS

I have 1.7.0 cms and cant get image from this rss feed image attribute delfi:largeImage
Tried on 1.7.4 cms

[Title] and [Description] working perfect cant get image:(

I’m not certain, but I don’t think the parser that we use is able to grab those images from feed constructed like that.

Do you have any control over how the feed is formatted or is 3rd party feed?

Hi Peter
Thanks for help
Its 3rd party feed but I could ask them to make necessary changes.
That rss with image should be?

Ideal media rss format would look like this

That will show the images with the default templates in Xibo (the ones with Image overlaid in name)
ie with [Link|image] on the Appearance tab.

ok, I will try to arrange rss feed design like you suggest
have a nice evening

Hello Peter
They made new feed design and now I can get an image with [Link|image]
But is it possible to resize images?

Yes, with .image img in the CSS ie under ‘optional Stylesheet’ on the Ticker appearance tab

for example:
.image img { width:100%;}

The templates provided (image overlaid with the title / image overlaid with the feed content on the left) have that already added as well.

tried to add .image img { width:100%;} but its not worked
tried in (image overlaid with the title) there image was 100% width
then I add <div class="image">[Link|image]</div> to source code and that worked

Good morning Peter
One more question - RSS feed owner would like to display comment count at the end of [Title] something like (47) what would be the best way to do this maybe namespace could be used?
Have a nice day

You should be able to get that with Tag|Namespace

in the way it is currently implemented, ie I believe the comment count is in a tag called ‘tag’,

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<enclosure url=""/>

you can get the data from it with:


tried but count did not appear maybe wrong in code






Hello Peter
I tried to add this feed on 1.8.7 Xibo Spring Signage hosted CMS now I can get comment count but cant get image, here my code





It could be because your enclosure tag does not have the type specified, perhaps the parser in 1.8 series does not like that.

Would it be possible for you to add the images similar to mentioned earlier

ie each image would have the url and type specified:
<enclosure url="" type="image/jpeg"/>

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hurray they changed the feed and now we can get the image

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