Can't fit embedded widgets from in full HD screen

Hi guys!
I’m trying to use some cool widgets found in this site, as they say it’s responsive:

I made some custom skin modifications and then pasted the provided codes into an embedded module, in a full HD region, but it doesn’t fit correctly in screen height, it covers only the horizontal portion of the screen.

You can test by yourselves:


Can you please help me to solve this?

Thanks in advance!

I don’t think the code they provide or rather the script that resizes it, is meant to fit 1920x1080 region.

It looks to me like it’s meant to be top / down ie horizontal bar (like the one you have) or left/right vertical bar, if you’d resize the region you get the following:

as the scripts makes it auto resize depending on the container widget/height ratio.

If you want to have a full screen weather widget, then perhaps you could use the Weather module integrated with Xibo.

It uses the same source for the forecast (darksky)