Can't connect to Xibo administration

Hello all !

Today I decided to reinstall my Xibo server for some personal reason.

So I deleted the old xibo server and install another one.

I follow all instructions and configure all app, xibo is working as well but I can’t connect to the administration panel…
I’m sure of my login, I screen the page which specify xibo administration login (in the final step of xibo installation)

So, after searching, I found the post for changing Xibo password How do I reset the xibo_admin account password?
But nothing happened after entering the command on my xibo database…
I’m changing the password with the MySQL website.

My current configuration :

  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Xibo 1.7.9
  • PHP 5.3.28
  • MySQL 5.6.33
  • PHPMyAdmin 4.2.12

Someone could help me ?


I try to install another server with other version of PHP, SQL and PMA :

  • PHP 5.6.24
  • SQL 5.7.15
  • PMA 4.6.4

After configuration, xibo seem to run perfectly !

So I think my old configuration (php, sql and phpmyadmin) was not on good version to run xibo cms.

Maybe this post could help someone in future…

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Thanks community ! Bye

I’m glad to make it work.