Can't change background



I’m trying to change the background image of a layout but when I choose background from the dropdown menu I am receiving the message “Unable to get the Resolution information”

Thanks in advance for any assistance I can get with resolving this.


After testing it seems to only be on two layouts. Both of these are imported from a newer version of Xibo so I imagine that is what is causing the issue. I will recreate the layouts rather than import.


hmm between which versions did you import/export your layouts?

I’d expect to perhaps see this message, if the imported layout was created with the custom resolution that’s not added to your target cms.


From 1.8.2 running on Docker to 1.7.8. I was going to upgrade the other CMS to a Docker install but the PC running it only has 32 bit Windows. The imported layout uses a standard 1080p resolution that’s enabled on both installations.