Cannot see more than one display in admin panel

Hello everybody!

I have a setup of Xibo which includes an Ubuntu server and three Android clients. At some point i set up everything and there seem that everything was working fine. All the three clients displayed the same content at the same time. But the main purpose of this installation was that each display could display different content. But, the main problem here is that, in the admin panel of Xibo, i see only one display, not three, even that I have activated their license and connected to the CMS all the three of them.
At the moment I am writing these, I cannot even display the same content at the same time at all the displays.
I would like to mention(and here is the crazy part) that during the set up of this system, the only display that showed on the admin panel, under the “Display” tab, have changed it’s IP(have taken the IP of two of the android clients).

I have read different threads that suggest that something about time of the clients o their names but nothing seem to help me.
Help would be appreciated!
Thanks in advance.

You will want to open Xibo for Android settings and change hardware key there - it should be unique for each display.

Once each display will have unique key, then there should be 3 display records on CMS displays page - so you will be able to set/schedule different layouts to different displays.

OK. I`ve done that. Sorry for the late reply.

But now it seems that i have another problem. In my enviroment, i have 3 displays and a layout per each. I have edited the timeline of each layout. When i start the the xibo client everything plays fine, for about 10-15 minutes, then it stops and shows me the splash screen(xibo and spring signature logos on the right low corner). when i go te the logs, i get the following error:
16-12-28 12:00:36
Default Layout failed: canRun Test

                                            16-12-28 12:00:36
                                            Cannot set the next Layout from the Schedule. Schedule Invalid

And its driving me crazy.

Thanks in advance

Could you show us a screen shot of status window on one of your android devices please?

i cannot show you a screenshot at the moment but i will write it down:

General Information
Version 1.7

Licensed: true(full)
CMS status:
Register: registred. checked at…
Schedule: Up to date
Required files :Up to date

Schedule status
All layouts(* = not scheduled): 6,7*(Default),
Next: 2017-12-15 13:50:00
Scheduled Layouts: 7,
Valid Layouts:
Invalid Layouts: 7,

and shows a list of some files
[113.mp4] Unsuported Video. What=1. Extra=0

And goes on for about 15 videos

Last 5 log messages
Method: DisplayManager. Message: Cannot set the next Layout from the schedule. Schedule invalid.
Method: DisplayManager. Message: Default Layout failed. canRun Test.

Right so it blacklisted at least one video

is it R62 version?

are the videos H264 encoded .mp4?

were they completely downloaded on your client?

Now, you will probably want to:
Display settings -> edit display profile assigned to your displays -> Troubleshooting -> uncheck blacklist videos

Xibo for Android settings -> public storage check and first option under storage options

Thanks for everything. That worked for me.
Case closed!