Cannot schedule anything on the xibo CMS

One of the monitor is costantly on the “Display is downloading new files” status, I cannot schedule any event on the CMS, when I try I got this log on the monitor

“2018-04-13 11:18:29 Client [UI Thread] MainForm - ChangeToNextLayout Layout Change to C:\Users\User\Documents\Xibo Library\10.xlf failed. Exception raised was: Unable to set any region media nodes.”

Thanks for your attention.

Situation at the moment:

one display has 1 layout not working, it starts, showing the first image, then the player cannot go on displaying the remaining part of the layout.

this is the error from the player.

The player also remain with the “Display is downloading new files” state, making it not schedulable.

Any kind of solution or suggestion is welcome, thanks

Could you confirm the CMS and player version please?

You seem to have quite a lot of events scheduled with that layout, there is an error about insufficient memory reported there as well.

It could be a good test to clear the schedule and then create one event with that layout to see if your device will be able to show it.

I’m also happy to see your layout by myself, if you could export it and send it to me over private message, so I can see if the layout itself is valid.

The player is running the 1.7.9 version, the CMS is running the 1.7.6

I just cleared the schedule of the last month and now the layout is running fine, the only remaining problem is that the display is still on “Display is downloading new files” state.

Gonna sent you the layout via pm as soon as possible.

Thanks for the patiente, I’m only able to follow this once a week.

You could have a look at the Media Inventory on that display to see what files are reported as incomplete.

As for the layout, you have a layout background .png image, which will most likely not work well on Windows players - you should have that in .jpg format.

The exported layout does not seem to contain all media files mentioned in the layout.xlf which is slightly odd, assuming they do still exist in your CMS library.

Generally speaking repeating an event every 5min while not necessarily wrong, isn’t recommended.
It would be much cleaner to manipulate layouts durations and perhaps create a campaign with the scheduled layouts to make that particular layout repeat every 5min instead of creating so many events.