Cannot open settings in CMS 1.8.11

When I click on “settings” in the CMS I get the error “Unexpected Error, please contact support”. I am running CMS on Docker for Windows.

Have you made any modifications to the CMS code or is the the release 1.8.11 code base?
Just in case what web browser are you using please?

Could you please go through report fault wizard ie
Navigate to Report Fault page,
Enable Auditing,
Recreate the problem in new tab (try to access settings),
Check the Logs page.

You should see the Unexpected error there and stack trace to what actually went wrong.

You can post the error here or send it to me via private message.

I have not made any changes to the code. It is 1.8.11 code base.
I am using IE 11.
It is working this morning. I came in and decided to restart everything again and now I can access the settings.
Thanks for the reply.