Cannot Display proper like the CMS

Excuse me,
I wanna ask something. I already configure the CMS and the player is running well. and I tried to duplicate it. Then, I install the player but not connect to CMS (Did not write the url) just write the local library. After that I copy the library from the first player to the second player and the display is appear like the first player. But the problem is the layout scale isn’t update like the the first player, I set scale on the first player just 25% screen but the second player isn’t update. Need some help to fix this.
Thank You.

The method you have used to set up your second Player is not suggested or recommended. Why did you decide not to connect the Player to your CMS?

To resolve the issue, I would strongly recommend setting up Player 2 correctly, by connecting it to your CMS and creating a unique Schedule for it. You should also make sure that the 2 Players do not share the same Hardware Key as this can also cause all sorts of configuration and performance issues.

Many Thanks.

Thanks before, but what if there is no internet connection?

If you do not have an internet connection for your second Display, it will not be able to receive any updates to its configuration as this will come from your CMS.

You may find that you will need to provide a temporary internet connection so you can configure and set up the Display. Once it has the correct settings and Events configured, you can then remove the network connection and the Display will continue to show the schedule you created. If you then need to make any changes to the configuration you would need to connect the Display to the network to receive those updates to the schedule/settings.

Many Thanks.

Thanks for the explanation.The last one i wanna ask can we shut down the watchdog ?

You can close the Watchdog however I would recommend keeping it running. The Watchdog is designed to monitor your Player and restart the Player if necessary.

Many Thanks.