Cannot display layouts 1.7.5

Hi there, I am trying to figure out how to use Xibo and as such have been trying to just use a very basic test layout to learn how to push things and schedule displays. The issue I am having is that when I schedule a layout to a display it will change the background to whatever color I have it set to but will not display anything else; in this case just the basic analog clock that you can insert in the designer. It shows up fine in the design view but I cannot get the layout preview to work. The client information and status window seems to show that everything is being downloaded correctly. I am running the 1.7.5 CMS and the 1.7.5 client player for windows.I dont believe it is an issue with an extra empty region as the layout I am currently trying to use was one that I created brand new and then edited the default single empty region. I have attached a couple screen caps to show what I am seeing.

Any help would be much appreciated

You’re missing files from the Player.

You need to go to the Modules page in the CMS and click on “Verify All”.

If you’ve not done so, it’s well worth working through the CMS Post installation guide as it covers this and other helpful topics.

Ok so I did that and it appears that I can now display the text and the clock and everything correctly. Would this be related to my inability to upload picture/video media? I read through the post installation guide and there really doesnt seem to be anything in there about that. Its not that my files are too large (I saw the part about that in the guide) its that it tells me everything is too small when I try to upload it, even when I purposefully use a very large file. Any thoughts or should I open another topic for this?


You should start a new thread for a different issue if searching the existing issues doesn’t bring up the answer you need