Cannot add an application in 1.7.6

Hello community,

It is not possible to add an application. If you open the list of applications under Administration the list of all applications cannot be loaded. My console shows me the following:
“NetworkError: 500 Internal Server Error - https://ADDRESS/xibo/index.php?ajax=true

The loading icon keeps spinning and will not hide (makes sense, as the data cannot be loaded).

I encounter this error is multiple browsers.

When I try to add an application, I get the following error in my console when I try to save it:
“NetworkError: 500 Internal Server Error - https://ADDRESS/xibo/index.php?p=oauth&q=Register&ajax=true

There are no errors logged in the log table in the MySQL database. There are no errors in the apache or php log. Everything else works fine, no errors or whatsoever (layouts, campaigns, name it).

PHP version: 5.6.18
Apache version 2.4.18
MySQL version: 5.7.10
Xibo version: 1.7.6

I know that the API is still work in progress, but I guess that this part should work. I encountered a bug with this MySQL version before (which was fixed in 1.7.6), so I suggest a test case uses the same MySQL version. Unfortunately I do not have more information this time, although the lack of logs does get my attention. Is there possible a redirect or index missing in the routing module?


Sounds like a duplicate of this thread: