Can you set a Layout as Default?

Is it possible to add one of your existing layouts as a default for when no campaign is running?

Every display has to have a default layout.

The default default layout :slight_smile: is set in CMS Settings page -> displays tab
layout set there will be set as default layout for new displays.

as for existing displays, you’d need to navigate to the Displays page, edit display and set the default layout

Is it possible to change the display group as a whole so that they all show the same default?

Is that possible or will i have to add it to each display separately?

Nevermind. I was able to do what you suggested and it is now working. Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

technically there is an option to select displays (or select all displays) on displays page and set the default layout on all of them with with selected option, there is however a bug about it, which will be fixed in 1.8.10.

That’s why I didn’t mention that method, in any case, I’m glad you got it working there.

Well, thank you again

Hello Peter,

Can you explain how this bulk editing option is working? I’m running version 1.8.7.