Can I run CMS within it own hyper-V VM

Hello Support
We are running Xibo CMS Ver 1.8.11 on an Apache web-server installed on a windows server all within a dedicated Vertical machine within our windows cluster, i hope that makes sense?

I have now started to look at the possibles of using CMS V2 within our network so i would like to know as i have never needed to installed docker which if i understand it correctly is running xibo in its own docker environment?, If this is correct can you offer XIBO CMS as a VHD/VHDX so that all we would have to do is create a VM point it a the VHD/VHDX supplied by you guys and bobs your uncle a per-configured XIBO CMS just in need of local configuration?

I have successfully installed 2.04 on a Windows Server 2016. I posted my installation notes on another question that was asked for those interested. The PHP installation was done manually due to the newer version of IIS (version 10+).