Can i have 4 displays running from 1 computer?

Hello everybody!

I have 4 lcd’s attached to the computer but i can only add 1 in xibo.

Is it possible to get 4 different screens playing on xibo?

I have 2 geforce 210 installed.

Thanks very much!

You want 4 different Xibo’s?

Yes i have read it. and tried it

But i dont know how to set it up.
I have copied and renamed the file name, added a shortcut and added o.

But xibo doest give me a second screen. is there a how to?

That is the howto :slight_smile:, there are also a bunch of previous questions - for example: One pc displaying 2 different xibo content

What happens when you click on the EXE? You get the Xibo options screen?

Positioning the player is achieved on the “Location” tab of the Display Settings Profile in the CMS - this is instead of the screenshot shown in the linked topic. You will need a new profile for your second, third and fourth monitors, with the coordinates of each.

Thanks for the info, whenn i click on the exe file i dont get the option screen.

Do i need to make the profile in Mysql? or do i only need to change the player id in the options menu.

As described in this link
so once you have the shortcut with o you can run it and it will open option for that new copied player.
Then you go to advanced tab and alter the display id slightly so it’s unique for each player - then they will appear as a separate displays in Xibo CMS.

After that you will most likely want to create display profile for each player and on location tab set the width/height and offset to suit your needs. (of course also assign those new profiles to corresponding displays)

It worked!!! great!

Only on startup it only runs 1 player.

I cant get the second player to start on startup. Do i need the place the player shortcut in the folder: Startup?

And the positioning doesnt change. the width of the screen is 1360pixxels, so i putt that in the Leftcoordinate.

Am i doing something wrong?

New update:

I got everything workin!

I have installed 4 players, and can play different templates on all 4 players.

The only problem i have now, is setting up the 4 players on the 4 seperate displays.

I have tried somethings as you can see on the picture. But i cant get a player on the other displays. Al players are loaded in the Main screen.

Hope someone has the answer for me:)

It worked out!!

Got al screens perfect now!

Only if i restart the CPU, after 10 seconds, the screens go black.
What is the reason for that?
If i restart each player, everything works correct.

New update:

Only 2 displays turn black within 30 seconds whenn i restart the cpu.

What could be the problem? I have 2 geforce 210 video cards installed. Could that be the problem?

Whenn i press i, it gives the error that it cant get in my documents.

Thanks for the help!!

Hi, what did you do to displace the player?? i tried with the coordinates in the profile but still open in the main display!

In Display Settings under Location define an actual width and height instead of leaving the number 0 in there.

yes! thank you! that was the solution.

You can use a HDMI Spliter to 4 output ?