Can a page called by webpage module identify the display?

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we have to implement Xibo in 70+ shops with 3 displays each using the android client. I need that the page being called in a webpage module can identify which is the display to deliver dynamic content based on the display name or the display id or key.

I could do it using webpage’s getResource but seems that that method is never called by this client. Just only takes int account the data stored in the database.

Do I have to create 70+ x 3 layouts just to set a variable in the webpage url? Hopefully not.


Which version of the player and CMS are you using? It should definitely call GetResource for Webpages that aren’t Open Natively.

It will only do so when the page needs to be downloaded - i.e. the first time it sees it and when it changes.


thanks for the reply.

Xibo for Android v1.7 R53
CMS 1.7.3

EDIT: Here you can see the settings of the webpage.

Hi David,

The duration that you have now 600001s = ~16.7h may cause few issues.

Regarding Android R53 - it will definitely call get resource but only 16 hours after your layout is changed (because it will only call it when it’s loaded next). Even then, it will show the cached copy for another 16 hours.

I’d strongly suggest that you reduce this duration for testing purposes.

Hi Peter,

the original time was 600 (10 min) but I mangled it just to force a reload of the settings. I have setted it to 30 secs locally. I have no luck. Android client refuses to call getResource. Windows client does, HTML5 preview does but the android client does not.

Here are some screenshots of the configuration.

Here advanced display settings

Ah nuts, I see the problem! Xibo for Android supports multiple versions of the CMS, so it is trying to guess what to do with the webpage (incorrectly).

If you set an offset of 1 it should then call get resource.

I’ll log as a bug and get it looked at

Hi Dan,

thanks god it worked!! I was getting mad!!


EDIT: The only method that already works is “manual position”. Best Fit does not work since the offset can not be setted. Let me know if you fix it!

Hi David,

It will be fixed in the next release.


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