Campaigns and Layouts

This is quite strange:

Campaign 1 (24) Layouts Will display the first half of them properly (1-12) but not (12-24)
Campaign 2 (24) Layouts reverse order of the same layouts (from campaign 1) will display the second half of layouts the first will not. (12-24) but not (1-12)

I can send them all individually and they work fine but as a campaign it will only display half.

It is an Ubuntu box sending to windows clients. When I pull up the info on the clients they say everything is 100%.

1.7.5 all around.

Any thoughts?

You’re right, that’s quite strange.

What happens if you put the 12 layouts that do not play correctly in the same campaign?

I ended up uninstalling and purging the xibo stores then reinstalling and it all started working. Very strange.

As you say, very strange. Can you monitor and come back to us if you notice it happening again?