Campaign with alternate images each rotation

We use Xibo for our Outdoor billboard network and hoping to replace our Scala indoor players soon too. Our level of use is very simple, we display a rotation of 8 adverts which are still JPEGs for 8 secs each all day everyday.
Sometimes a client will have two or three creatives(layouts) that they want displayed in their advertising slot. Can we do this where on each cycle of 8 adverts it plays one of the creatives from this advertiser then on the next cycle it plays the next creative and then back to the first?
Does this make sense?

If I understand it correctly ie you have:

  1. 8 layouts or just one layout with 8 full screen images that are displayed ‘always’
  2. then from time to time there are 2-3 special layouts requested to be displayed in between those from point1?

You should be able to create a campaign, that would have *your usual layouts, Advert1, *your usual layouts, *Advert2 that will then cycle though all of that and after Advert2 ends it will go back to the first item in the order of the campaign.

we schedule each layout separately as each advertiser has different start finishing times depending on what they pay for so putting all into one “campaign” i dont think will work as i dont think i can schedule a particular layout in a campaign to run at different start/stop time to the total campaign can I?

Indeed you can’t.

In this case you can operate on display order, for overlapping events that will dictate the order in which they will be displayed or priority perhaps -