Campaign will not display, only default layout

I have created 5 new layouts. I have placed all 5 of them into a campaign. When I turn on XIBO player, it only displays the default layout.
I have went into “Campaigns” and used “Schedule Now”. The campaign shows up in the Schedule but it is not displaying, only the default layout will display. I can change the default layout to display a different layout, but not figure out how to display a Campaign.

So assuming that all layouts in your campaign are valid, if you schedule it to display on your player it should display it just fine - assuming it did download everything.

Is it Windows or Android client?

Could you show us a screenshot of status window on your device please?

I am having this issue also. My campaign displayed fine yesterday, came in today and now my web page will not display. At first today it just showed the page can not be displayed. Now it just shows a blank page. My rss feed is working.

Windows player, Windows 10. Just started using Xibo a couple of days ago.

Have you by chance tried to display each of your 5 layouts separately? Like Peter mentioned above, layouts have to be ‘valid’. Test each one at a time, then if they all work fine, create the campaign.

hi, experiencing a similar issue. I have upgraded from 1.7.6 to 1.7.9 and my layouts play if set as default but when i try to schedule either one I am getting an error Layout has invalid dependent followed by a number from schedule manager load new schedule on each client. Client-CMS date/time are matched. Clients are windows 10.

it seems the schedule.xml file on each client is missing the last file extension in the dependents value. when its manually added, the layouts switches to the scheduled one.