Calendar Widget from Google Calendar

Xibo Version: 2.3.16 / newest Android Version

Dear Community,
the calendar widget works in the preview in Xibo without any problems, but it don’t show up on the TV-Screen. All other layouts are there and it also don’t show any error, it just skip that calendar widget. Any ideas?
Thank you! Sandra

Hello and welcome to the Community!

Does your calendar feed load in a browser without the need for authentication?

Take a look at the following link which explains how to view your your Google Calendar in applications: Get your calendar (view only)

Hi Natasha, thank you for your quick reply.

I will explain all fields I have filled in the widget.
General Info: Name: Events | Duration: 10 for every entry
Settings: | Intervall: 60 days | Elements: 9 | Calendar timezone
Presentation: I have tried with and without effects | Records/Site: 3
Templates: Main:
< div style=“background:#E6E6FA;border:0px; border-radius: 18px; solid #ccc;padding: 10px 10px;”>
< span style=“font-family:futura BT;”>< span style=“font-size:44px;”>< span style=“color:#8782BD;”>  < strong>[Summary]< /strong>< /span>< br />
  < span style=“font-size:34px;”>< span style=“color:#424242;”>< strong>[StartDate|d-m-Y] [Location]< /strong>< /span>

  < span style=“font-size:34px;”>< span style=“color:#424242;”>[Description]< /span>< /span>< /span>< /div>

< p> 

(the code is without space between, but it wont be shown without)
Caching: 240

And I use a background for the layout.

It works in the preview on my laptop but not on the public screen. :frowning:
Thank you!

WebView on your Android device maybe too old to show that widget. If you make a Layout with a Webpage Widget in it and then point that to: could you provide a screenshot or the link that it shows so that we can see that information.

Thank you for your help! Here is the link:


Hi Sandra, that is fairly new and so should work. We have tested here and it seems to be working.
Could I ask that you take the following steps to see if this solves it for you:

  • Go to Modules and click Verify All
  • Then edit the Widget on your Layout
  • You could also try lowering the interval as if you have a lot of events it could cause an issue
  • Save the changes to the Widget
  • Re-publish the Layout to generate a fresh copy

If that does not work for you then I would be happy to take a look at your Layout and test if you are able to export and share that with me privately?

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