Calendar Module with Exchange Online Room Calendar


Pretty excited about the new 1.8.10 calendar module.
I’ve got it running with a shared .ics room calendar from Office 365.
one issue I can’t figure out - In the Template settings, the Name (room name), Summary (Organizer’s name), Location (room name again), StartDate and EndDate all work fine. What I can’t get to display is the Description.

Perhaps it is the way Exchange calendars work?

Anyone else trying this yet with an exchange room calendar?



I’m not sure why wouldn’t it work if there is a field with description.

You can send me the .ics file over private message and I will take a look.


Did you get this to work?I have a similar requirement ,Just want to know if it could be done with Xibo?
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Yes it is very simple, add the .ics publish link and set the values like 1 days and [summery] etc.
Did not figure out all the features like showing only 1 hour in advance, but it works great.



How did you make when you need to be connected on exchange to read de isc feed ?



I actually just got this working today - from an exchange online Room calendar.
I’ll just go start to finish with what I know works and you can adopt it to your needs.

  • Create a new Room:
    New-Mailbox -Name "TestRoom" -Room

  • Change default permissions to Reviewer
    Set-MailBoxFolderPermission TestRoom:\Calendar –User anonymous –AccessRights Reviewer

  • Set room calendar to show the organizer and subject of the meeting:
    Set-CalendarProcessing "TestRoom" -AddOrganizerToSubject $True -DeleteComments $False -DeleteSubject $False

  • Create a new sharing policy for external calendar sharing with details:
    New-SharingPolicy -Name "TestRoom" -Domains: 'Anonymous: CalendarSharingFreeBusyReviewer'

  • Assign Sharing Policy to Calendar:
    Set-Mailbox -Identity TestRoom -SharingPolicy "TestRoom"

  • Publish the calendar:
    Set-MailboxCalendarFolder "TestRoom:\Calendar" -PublishEnabled $true

  • Change Detail Level to Full Details:
    Set-MailboxCalendarFolder -Identity TestRoom:\Calendar -DetailLevel FullDetails

  • Change Published Range:
    Set-MailboxCalendarFolder -Identity TestRoom:\Calendar -PublishDateRangeFrom OneYear
    Set-MailboxCalendarFolder -Identity TestRoom:\Calendar -PublishDateRangeTo OneYear

  • Get the ICS URL:
    Get-MailboxCalendarFolder "TestRoom:\Calendar" | fl

Now, for the Xibo Calendar Module, here is how I’ve configured mine for testing.
In the General tab, paste in the long URL for the ICS file

For Upcoming Meetings Template I have the following:

Upcoming Meetings:
Starts @ [StartDate]
Ends @ [EndDate]

I checked the box for “Set an alternative template for events that are current?”

For Current Meeting Template, I have the following:

Current Meeting:
Ends @ [EndDate]

If no meeting are scheduled, I put the following in the Advanced tab:

All scheduled events will be updated shortly...![](|4)

QR code to a game lol.

Here is how the meetings show up currently.

Room%20Calendar%20-%20Current%20and%20Upcoming Room%20Calendar%20-%20No%20Appointments

Let me know if you have any more questions about how I set this up - I think I got just about everything covered in here!

I was able to get this working thanks to the following resources:


Did you finde a way to access the name of organizer by [Name] and not by adding it to subject?


no, not yet anyway. I might mess around with that today if time allows.
it would be nice for that to be optional.


I ended up using Set-CalendarProcessing "TestRoom" -AddOrganizerToSubject $False to remove the organizer for now.


Thanks a lot for your answer. It was very useful for me !