Calendar Module Weekdays


Hi all,

I’m testing the calendar module. I need to display the date and the weekday of the event. Is there a way to format date and weekday differently?

Thanks for your help.

More formatting options in calendar module

Please do take a look at our Calendar Module Guide Calendar Module Guide - Xibo CMS 1.8.10 as well as our Manual page which shows allowed formats

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Thanks for your answer.
I had already read both links before. But they don’t answer my question if there is a way to separate the date so that I can format it differently.


You can choose whatever format and style you want for the date fields, but you cannot style parts of the date separately.


Thank you very much for your answer.
That’s too bad. Maybe it comes with an update. I could imagine that some would be interested in such a function.


Please do add your request to the ‘Features’ category for our development team to look at. We cannot guarantee to implement all features that are suggested in this category but will certainly look into it to see if this would be a beneficial enhancement for all users.
Thank you