Calendar module - Message if no events for today



I’m not sure if I understand correctly the advanced function : display message when no data is returned from source. Would that be in case of error getting to the web ics file OR when no events are returned in the time frame specified. I would definatly prefer the latter, when no event are returned.

Use case :

I set timeframe to 1 day,
Yoga Session from 3PM to 4PM,
after 4PM. My layout just show an empty frame :frowning:
I would like to show the message on the advanced page (when non data from source)
Something like “no upcoming events today”

2 options, maybe I have a bug in the advanced function (where should I look then ?) or there is no current ways to get to this right now, the advanced message is only is case of error with the ICS.

Any ideas ?


So when no data is returned from the source you can opt to display a message as you have said.

Could I first ask as to what version CMS you are using?

Thank you


I am using 1.8.12 as a docker container in Ubuntu Linux

The widget function as expected when there are future or current events in the next 1 day.

My actual setup mimics the one in your very good tutorial guide : 2 events / 2 per page, 1 day



Thank you for bringing this to our attention. A bug has been discovered where the “No Data returned” message does not display when data has not been returned. Below is a link to the Issue Report:

This explains the confusion as to why you were not seeing this message, my apologies for any confusion this caused.

Many Thanks.


Thanks Dan

I will wait for 1.8.13 to re-test the function.