Cafe Menu Scheduling Quandry

Hello everyone,

I’ve got a situation that for some reason I can’t wrap my head around the best way to accomplish it.

We have a cafeteria in our hospital that has many “stations”. Each station has an electronic display above to act as the day’s menu board.

I want to give my end users the easiest way to update each board. Here’s my situation.

Each station is on a 5 week rotation for the menu. There’s a new menu item every day for 5 weeks and then the schedule starts over again. Previously, they’ve had an individual layout for each meal in that five week rotation for example:

Wk 1 Monday Breakfast, Wk 1 Monday Lunch, Wk 1 Monday Dinner

So basically 105 individual layouts for each of the 6 stations in the cafeteria.

I’d like to use a dataset that would contain all the menu choices and then automatically repeat when the next 5 week cycle starts. Is this possible?

Forgot to mention, our server is running build 1.8.2 if that changes what my options are.

You can certainly use dataSets, perhaps with a column with internal image, if there suppose to be images associated with each item or just use the dataSet to display text information and have image in a separate region, that’s up to you.

By default, without any filter, Ticker would show all rows from the dataSet for the columns you select on the Appearance tab, there are configuration setting to display x number of rows per page, set the duration per page, add effect etc.

In your case, you will most likely want to have a filter to show only the relevant items for the current date, which means you want to have a date column in your dataSet and you will then want to add a filter in your Ticker.

Thanks very much for the information? So there’s no way to have it just start over after the 5 week rotation? We’d just have to expand the dataset to repeat with the same information on different dates?

Is there a limit to dataset size?

Thanks again,


If you could come up with a formula that would map a given day to a day in the cycle, then it probably is possible, but realistically there are always going to be exceptions to the rotation I would imagine?

Yes that’s probably true. Thanks very much for the assistance and the spectacular product!