Caching website

First time user, so I’m trying to figure out the right way of do things. For information it’s running on an Intel Compute Stick.

I have a KPI system which basicly is a website, thats displays some images updated regually. I want to have these website presented in Xibo, which isn’t a problem.

My problem is, that it doesn’t update the images. Lets say I start with 2 KPI’s, after a week one more is added. Now Xibo doesn’t pick up the new images, but keeps on showing the first 2.
If I close Xibo, start IE and goes to the KPI website, it shows all 3 images. If I reopen Xibo it only shows the ones from the first time.

It’s like it doesn’t update the website and is running on a cached version, which isn’t good.

How can I avoid this, so it reload the website each time it is displayed?

And then I stumple upon thes one: Html not updating
Seems to do the trick.