Cache Path Error while upgarding

hello ,
I am getting this error (“Fatal Error - sorry this shouldn’t happen. Failed to create cache path.”) while upgrading from 1.7.2 to 1.8 series.
Please help me to resolve this error.
Thank You.

Is this a custom install, or with Docker please?

If it’s a custom install, your filesystem permissions are preventing the CMS creating it’s cache directory, which will be at the path /cache relative to to the root of your CMS install.

It is a custom install .
and Cache directory is already present there in the root of CMS .
still m getting the same error

Problem Resolved!!

Thank You…

The user the webserver is running as needs permission to write in that directory.

Please check your filesystem permissions, and failing that, any other security software you may be running (SELinux, Apparmour etc)

Thank You For Your Support !!:slight_smile:

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