Bulk edit default layout

Hi there,

I would like to know how I can bulk edit the default layout? I have more than 80 screens. So bulk is needed :slight_smile:
I’m running version 1.8.7.


If the same default layout is used with your 80 screens, there’s no need for a ’ bulk edit ’ as the changes apply to the layout and then to all the screens : edits made to the layout on your CMS will show on your 80 screens when they update content from the CMS.

On the other hand if you have 80 completely different default layouts then you’ll need to edit each individually, unless you need to change for example an image that all of them contains, then if you change that image in your library, again once the Players update content from the CMS, that image will be change on all layouts that use it.

Thanks for the quick replay.
As far as I know there is one default. But how do I check that?
The part of the default layout is new to me.

You can change default Layout in Settings

Ow shoot! That easy! Wow. Thanks.

I’m happy to help!