Bug : Fly duration is not steady


I was testing transitions for a client, and I think I found out what was the trouble.

First : This is not about this topic Android Client : Bug with the last Out Transition of a region. It’s something else.

Second : how to reproduce :

  1. Create two regions
  2. Create two widgets for each region (to avoid the trouble where you have only one item in a region, and an out transition)
  3. Add One fade in transition for the first widget of each region
  4. Add an Fly Out transition for one of the region
  5. Add a Fade Out transition for one of the region
  6. Run the layout
  7. The In transition is good
  8. The Out transition of the Fly Out is quicker than the Fade out. It has enough time to try to reboot the region, than it stops after 0.5s.
  9. The layout reboots

What’s happening is that the fly transition is sometimes quicker, sometimes longer than the fade out transition. There is no trouble when there are two fade out transition, but with two fly out sometimes it does.

You can change the fade out duration to test. For me, when I go under 1170 seconds for the fade out transition, then the fade out is longer than the Fly.

This bug might be because the fade out must be really difficult to time, but the current solution is not good enough.

I can provide a video and a template to show you the problem.

I hope we can find what’s going on, so maybe there will be a fix for the next update. For now, we are only using the Fade Transitions, but we really want to use the Fly.

Rodolphe from A2Display

We do have internal issues created about transitions in general and your specific use case.

If you could show us with a video and/or share the layout presenting the issue, then we will be happy to add either another transition related issue or add those comments to one of the existing ones.


Nice, I’m happy to help (you can mp me anytime if you want some info or help on this)

Video :

Template :

I’m pretty sure you already have this issue on your tracker list, but this could help you fix it.

Thanks for your help.