[Bug] Dataset view loses viewport width

CMS: Docker Xibo v 2.1.2
Player: Xibo for Android v2 R202

Hi, I’m facing a problem with a Dataset view. My layout has 2 Dataset widgets with custom css to show tables 100% width. Sometimes (apparently randomly) the table appears in a weird way (see attached photos).

Debuging player rendered HTML I see that when the table is broken the meta viewport content width is lost:

<meta name="viewport" content="width=[[ViewPortWidth]]">

And this is shown in the developer tools console:

The value "[[viewportwidth]]" for key "width" is invalid, and has been ignored.

Is there a way to force the viewport width when this happens? If you need further information please advice.

Thanks in advance.

Debug tools:

Table view when viewport width lost (table has 2 rows but only 1 shown and not 100% width):

Table view when viewport width is calculated correctly:

Hi, any suggestion on this?

This is an update regarding the above issue. I can confirm that the development team have further investigated and a bug has been recorded, thank you very much for letting us know.

Many Thanks.

Hi @DanBW

Just if it helps. I’ve added a little javascript to the widget that checks the viewport width. If it is not set correctly I call the $("body").xiboLayoutScaler(options); method. This way the table is reloaded fine.


Hi esferize, thanks for the message. I have passed on this information to the developers for further consideration.

Thanks again for sharing this, I’m sure it will be helpful for the developers to know that this helps resolve the issue.

Many Thanks.

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