Bug 2.2.2 - Dataset Row Limit Appears to not work

Version 2.2.2 - Row Limit in Dataset Ticker appears to have broken. I.e. setting lower to 0, and upper to 1 still returns all data in the dataset rather than 1 row as expected.

Could you provide further details as I am unable to recreate the issue you are experiencing on a 2.2.2 instance.

Thank you

I’ve done further testing and have identified what the cause is.

The row limit is ignored if the Dataset Advanced Filter clause is forced ‘true’ (i.e. no filter).

When using Advanced Filter, I often flick between ‘true’ and ‘false’ to verify layout with all data, rather than filtered data. This lets you quickly see what happens when the filter matches, vs no data returned.

In reality, this can be worked around and only affects the layout preview as the filter would be changed when deployed. Still, it might be worth noting.

Images showing row limit and results containing more than row limit:

Dataset Filter Example. This causes the row limit to be ignored.

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