Browser choice is recommended?

Hi guys,
as we know we can select CEF (Chromium embedded) as browser or use the installed IE browser.
Which one do you recommend?

I have discovered some issues lately while using CEF.

Please inform!


CEF was added as an experiment, and didn’t work out, so has been removed for 1.8

The recommendation has always been to use the standard integration (Internet Explorer)

Hi Alex,
thanks for the precise info :smiley:

i have noticed it because CEF does not work smooth and did not show some of the pages i had.
Another problem with CEF was,
if i had like 3 or 4 web pages back to back, it stopped playing after 30-45 minutes and started to show black screen only.
I have unticked the checkbox for using CEF from my display settings and pages are now fine.

As we all know the web standards are changing all the time and we also need the newest browsers all the time in order to make sure the pages are displayed correctly.

if i am using Windows 7 embedded with IE 11,
will Xibo use it automatically or will it use something older that is built in?

if i am using Windows 10 where we have both IE 11 and Edge (i still haven’t figured out the difference between IE and Edge),
which one of these Xibo player will use by default or will it use something older that is built in?

Many thanks in advance!

It will use IE11.

If for some reason you want to use an older version, you can by making an adjustment in the registry, but we don’t recommend it.

Support for Edge may come if Microsoft enable support for it. Currently, IE 11 is the newest they support for embedding in to other applications.

Thanks Alex! :smiley:
Older versions does not support HTML5 well. Therefore, it is the best to use always the newer version of IE.

I have managed to use Edge in one of my POS application a very short while ago by simulating it, Edge is almost as good as Chrome while playing HTML5 content. Edge will however require registry changes in order to be able to use it.

IE 11 seems to be pretty good with most HTML5 content ATM.