Browser choice for player

Hi guys,
could someone please light me up,
I am using 1.8.1 in Windows 10 where i automatically have IE 11.
I am displaying some web pages that are freezing the system and i believe it is because of the browser.

Does 1.8.1 installation set the browser version in registry automatically?
if no,
i will do it but if yes,
How about if i install real chrome in my machine and use chrome as browser?
will it work?


It should, but you can check if it creates it in the correct path, as there is a bug with it in 1.8.2 currently - Enabling HTML5 in the Windows .net Player

However if those webpages are freezing ‘normal’ IE as well, then it will be the same in Xibo, as Xibo will use emulated IE (and you installing chrome will not change that).

Thanks Peter,
i have just checked my machine,
the registry settings are all correct but system freezes with web pages.

For me, it is impossible to put so much faith on IE.
I have googled some and looks like there are some issues with IE but was hoping if you guys have any experience about this?