Bringing regions to top alternately

I wish to move to Xibo from another Digital Signage platform. One of the features I am trying in Xibo (and have been unsuccessful) is to run content in two regions and bringing them to top alternately. Here is what I am trying to achieve with overlay feature on an Android player:

First region plays music videos and second one images.
Minimize the music videos region and show images region on top for 10 seconds and then again bring back to top the music videos region without stopping the music videos.
The content in the video and image regions should not restart unless the content ends.

I have also tried scheduling with overlay but could not find any setting where one layout could be played for a specific time then paused while the other layout played.

Thanks for your help!


I managed to make it work in a different way. Although it’s lengthy but gets the job done for now.

I set the Music Videos layout as default. Then created different Overlay Layouts with images. The Overlays were then scheduled for a minute each (can’t be lesser than that in the CMS) after every 5 minutes and set to repeat hourly.

Now the only question is how to run the Overlays for less than a minute.

I don’t really think that running that many that short events is reliable, but you can certainly try it and see if it will be what you want.

You can create events shorter than a minute, you just need to add seconds to your date format is CMS, that will allow you to set seconds in the new event form.

Say, your date format is d-m-Y H:i you’d change it to d-m-Y H:i:s in CMS settings, save settings, open event form.