Body on ticker dataset does not follow body styles on css

When we use dataset on tickers and try to apply background color on appearance, using this

body {
background-color: #ef3141;

on css, it gets applied on preview, but not on client.

We also tried to use css on line <body style="> but those section gets discarded at save probably.

I assume I could use a table occupying the whole region. But nevertheless…


Can you confirm the version of CMS you are running?

Many Thanks.

AH. I haven’t checked bugs before asking this.
1.8.7. docker deploy based.

I would first recommend upgrading your CMS to the Latest version (1.8.11) to see if the issue is resolved. If you are still experiencing the same problem after the upgrade, please let me know.

Many Thanks.

I just upgraded on a clone system , and using "body { … " on css style still does not work, BUT, it’s probably because you can use the background colour picker on the last tab.
I’m closing as not a bug, pebkac related.