Blur Images Android

I’m having an issue with a client installed in a Dynascan screen.
I’ve created a template with 2 regions: 1 pic on the top, 5 pics in the lower region.
It all show perfectly. After rebooting the device, the first picture (both top and bottom) on the layout are blurry. If i change the order of the pics, the blurry will be ok but in the following day, the first pictures will be blurry again.
I’ve created new template, uploaded new pictures but the problem repeats: all is fine until i turn it on the following day.
All pictures were created at the exact size of the regions at 72dpi. I’ve tried both JPG and PNG.

Thank you for your message and sorry you are experiencing this issue. Please confirm:

  • The version of Android running on your Dynascan screen.
  • The version of the Xibo for Android Player you installed.
  • The resolution of your Screen.
  • Does this issue occur with any other media types?
  • What happens if you only schedule 1 image in your Layout to show full screen, does the same behaviour occur?

If you are also able to pass on a copy of the Layout, I would be happy to test it on my own Android Display to see if the same issue occurs.

Many Thanks.

HI Dan!
Thanks for your reply:
Android 4.4.2
Xibo Latest VErison
1080x1920 portrait
It doesn’t happen with other media types
With one picture full screen it never happened
I cannot attach the zip here

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